Australia's per capita CO2 emissions are among the world's highest.1

Politics is failing us. For decades, we’ve waited for the government to take radical steps to combat climate change. We’re still waiting.

Third biggest global CO2 emitter per capita2
Of Australians are concerned about climate change3
Temperature increase by 2090 if we do nothing...4

We’ve identified 3 steps the government needs to takewe're asking the government to...

  1. Immediately cease further investments in fossil fuels, and put a stop to the ‘Gas-led recovery’
  2. Implement a renewable energy target of 100% by 2030
  3. Achieve a target of net zero by 2040

The campaign has now ended, but the work is not over

Thank you to the 702 people who wrote a letter to the Prime Minister. We hope you will continue to find ways to elevate your voice on climate change.

What happens next

  1. We print the letters
    After we’ve read and moderated every letter, they will be printed and prepared for sending.
  2. We send the letters
    We’ll send each letter individually to the Prime Minister’s Office by July 6th 2021.
  3. The letters will be read
    The Prime Minister's Office will receive the letter. Your concerns will be heard, and hopefully, addressed.

Frequently asked questions

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